Greener manufacturing

The MJAllen Group is proceeding further with our plans to protect our environment and is becoming part of the Green Growth Programme, run as part of the Made In Britain manufacturing initiative.

Being based in the Garden of England means we’re always looking to reduce and minimise where possible the environmental impact of our businesses.

Being part of this new scheme will improve the understanding and control of our green governance, environmental performance and social impact – allowing us to ensure we continue to be as eco-friendly and eco-aware as we can.

By monitoring our rates of carbon creation, fuel use and material supply, we can seek new efficiencies in both supply and output and ensure that our products and services are not only as cost-effective as they can be for our clients, but are also as resource-effective as they can be for our planet.


New Finance Director

MJAllen Group is pleased to announce that Clive Croucher has been appointed the Group’s Finance