Easily installed. Built to last.

We offer the complete service to suit all balcony requirements. From initial concepts and advice, to technical design work and structural or load-bearing calculations – we are your single point of call for one or one thousand balconies. Our expertise and service doesn’t stop at production, the dedicated in-house MJAllen Metalwork installation team undertake any finishing and final fabricating that is required, from exact colour matching to multi-storey installations on-site.


We offer a complete balcony design service, from initial concept and calculations to final installation and finishing.


We can cater for a range of style requirements including juliette, projecting and inset - all in any combination of material, colour or finish.

FIRE safe

Our British steel balconies are more resistant to fire than aluminium, with a much higher melting point that withstands over twice the heat and temperature exposure.


We fabricate our balconies from S275 / S355 grade steel, fully traceable through our FPC systems.


Be part of the sustainable building sector by choosing our British steel balconies. Steel can be recycled an infinite amount of times with no downgrading of quality.

decking and drainage solutions

All decking solutions can be factored in to our balcony designs and planning. We always include efficient and effective multi-point drainage in our designs to remove the need for unsightly and expensive soffit systems.

fully compliant

All of our balconies are strength and quality tested and comply with the new British Standard BS 8579. Every item is lifetime tested and purpose built to perform as specified.