precise panel bending

Panel bending and sheet forming

We offer 100% accurate panel bending and sheet forming services, on a range of materials and to suit a huge variety of projects and requirements.

4m bed area

We can work with sheets upto 4100mm maximum width for the largest of jobs.

+/-0.005mm accuracy

Precision forming is done to a tolerance of 0.005mm.

1500m/s speeds

Faster output and quicker turnaround with our high max 1500m/s speeds.

2000 max tonnage

We can cater for jobs with a maximum working tonnage of 2 tonnes.

Our 200 tonne CNC press-brake has a huge 4m bed and can handle jobs requiring up to 8-axis bends.


It features electric servo technology instead of hydraulics, bringing better acceleration / deceleration, and a faster response time of the drive system.


Compared to conventional press brakes, we can offer considerable productivity increases, reduction of cycle times by up to 30% and a faster programmable working speed on all jobs.


Plus, our ‘Iris Plus’ angle measuring system ensures 100% correct angles every time.

  • CNC Crowning automatically compensates for material deflection and produces perfect bends.
  • Iris Plus monitors any deviation of thickness, spring, lamination and strength ensuring corrections can be made and the perfect output achieved.
  • Multiple C-structures and bending back gauges for improved accuracy.
  • Fully integrated with our CAD modelling and technical drawing service.
  • Superfast speeds from our advanced servo tech and experienced team; thousands of bends a day offering unbeatable output.
Metal Press Brake, Servo Bending Machine

We’re always working to reduce our manufacturing impact on the environment. Our use of renewable energy sources and our investment in technology means your projects are completed using just half the energy of some competitors.


Our advanced equipment offers 30% shorter cycle times combined with 100% accuracy ratings.


This high standard of bending and forming uses less energy, creates less CO2, and doesn’t generate chemical wastes.